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    Deployment behaviour not spec-compliant/EJBTHREE-560

    Gunnar Hilling Newbie


      I already posted this topic to the user forum some days ago but received no answer, so because it's a development issue anyway:

      We recently ran into problems because the ejb3-deployer still is buggy in 4.0.4-GA (bug http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/EJBTHREE-560).
      However this bug is for RC1 and is not yet fixed. Is someone working on this one?
      This is really a problem because quite often we pull in code from subprojects into a main project (e.g. using maven) and it would be nice to use those jars directly which should be possible according to the ejb3-spec.

      The JBoss EJB3-Deployer behaves correctly when referencing a jar in the deploy-Directory (by giving "../") but when referencing a jar in the ejb3-file ("./") it will look in "<jboss-home>/bin" instead of the archive it is supposed to search in.

      I could also try to fix this myself (a hint how to do this would be welcome, though).