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    ClientContainer enc handling

    Scott Stark Master

      The ejb3 ClientContainer is expecting to find an env entry under the applicationClientName name on the server:

       public ClientContainer(ApplicationClientDD xml, Class<?> mainClass, String applicationClientName) throws Exception
       this.xml = xml;
       this.mainClass = mainClass;
       this.applicationClientName = applicationClientName;
       //Context ctx = getInitialContext();
       Context ctx = new InitialContext();
       enc = (Context) ctx.lookup(applicationClientName);
       NamingEnumeration<NameClassPair> e = enc.list("");
       NameClassPair ncp = e.next();
       log.debug(" " + ncp);
       encEnv = (Context) enc.lookup("env");

      However, how the client enc is expected to function is that the lookup of "java:comp/env" maps to the server side context bound under the applicationClientName. There is no server side env under the client. The deployment was a j2ee 1.4 deployment. We need to merge the client deployer logic and client container. What refactoring were you going to be doing on the ejb3 client?