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    New Project to Validate External API

    Andrew Rubinger Master

      With the addition of the EJB3 External API, we've clearly-defined a contract for Bean Providers such that this artifact and the JavaEE EJB3 API should suffice for compile-time constraints in developing EJB3 on JBoss.

      However, we currently do not have tests to ensure that the API is complete, that all required libraries for the compile-time classpath are in ext-api.

      It'd be nice if we could move the current EJB3 Testsuite and have it not depend on core, but it tests internals (rightfully so!).

      So, I propose the addition of a new, small test project that contains definitions of arbitrary EJBs, using each of the classes in ext-api. If this project compiles, ext-api is valid and complete. Any time we introduce a dependency outside, the test project won't compile.

      Thoughts, or more simple ways of validating ext-api?