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    EJB3 Artifact Assemblies

    Andrew Rubinger Master

      Under jbossas/trunk/ejb3/src/assembly are a series of Maven2 Assembly Configurations:


      Looks like "jboss-ejb3-client" is duplicated from the config of same name located in EJB3 Core. EJB3 Core has no notion of "hibernate-client", and I imagine jboss-ejb3 is there to contain most org.jboss.ejb3 classes.

      How do we want to handle unifying these with projects/trunk/ejb3? At the very least, jboss-ejb3-client is a duplicate; perhaps the other two are AS-specific?

      First thought that comes to mind is a new artifact under EJB3, "assembly" to contain these. Then the dependency plugin can bring these in, unpack under "target", and let them be used by the assembly plugin to create custom artifacts.