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    JBossSessionBeanMetadataCreator a la EjbJar30Creator

    Andrew Rubinger Master

      Team Metadata:

      I'm looking for something analogous to EjbJar30Creator which will also take into consideration JBoss-specific annotations. Want to do something like:

      AnnotationFinder<AnnotatedElement> finder = new DefaultAnnotationFinder<AnnotatedElement>();
      Collection<Class<?>> classes = new HashSet<Class<?>>();
      JBossSessionBeanMetaData metaData = new JBossSessionBeanMetadataCreator(finder).create(classes);

      Couldn't find it in jboss-metadata presently; does this exist or are there plans to provide one?

      For the time being I'm mocking it for tests, but this will be helpful for non-JBossAS EJB3 Environments.