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    Plugin issues

    Brian Stansberry Master

      Been seeing some problems with the plugin:

      [bes@besdev trunk]$ java -jar plugin/target/jboss-ejb3-plugin-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT-installer.jar $JBOSS_HOME
      Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problem:
       at org.jboss.ejb3.installer.Installer.main(Installer.java:142)

      Think that came from EJBTHREE-1382 work that added a dependency on ejb3-common 0.1.1 to ejb3-installer.

      To get it to work locally I added the following to the ejb3-installer and ejb3-plugin poms:

       <!-- EJB3 Common -->

      Had to add to the plugin pom to get the necessary class in the plugin jar.

      Don't know if that's the correct fix, but it got my local env working enough that I can run the clustering testsuite.

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          Andrew Rubinger Master

          We've been having compile issues all week. As I've been resolving/updating dependencies, I've got a lot of local POM changes to commit tonight which should sort these out by tomorrow.

          Sorry for the inconvenience; lots of these changes are required due to restrictions placed by the introduction of the Enforcer Plugin, and my local Maven Repo contains some dependencies that never made it to snapshots.jboss.org.