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    rich:tabpanel / commandlink don t work with firefox

    Adrien Adrien Apprentice

      Il have 3 tabs : T1 t2 t3
      On t1 have a menu (rich:panelMenuItem),
      When i click on a menu i display on T1 a page with commandLink.

      Click on t2 and t1.
      try to click the command link
      under ie6 it s work
      under firefox nothing append : you need to reload the page.

      Someone have this problem?
      My libs:
      Richfaces 3.2.0
      JBoss 4.2.2 GA
      Mojarra1_2_08 (upgrade as describe on this site)

      <h:commandLink id="fm" action="#{resultsHolder.navigate}" rendered="#{facesContext.externalContext.remoteUser != msg.userFrom }">
      <f:param name="rowKey" value="#{nritem}" />
      <f:param name="uid" value="#{msg.userFrom}" />
      <h:outputText value="#{msg.userFrom}">
      <f:converter converterId="longPseudoConvert" />