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    Tests for Pass-By-Value Semantics

    Andrew Rubinger Master

      This Thread is to describe a set of desired Unit Tests for EJB3 Proxy; community contributor Robert Marcano has expressed interest in doing some development.


      "EJB 3.0 Core Specification" wrote:
      The remote client view of an enterprise bean is location independent. A client running in the same JVM as a bean instance uses the same API to access the bean as a client running in a different JVM on the same or different machine.

      The arguments and results of the methods of the remote business interface are passed by value.

      Regardless of whether a call to an @Remote view is intra-JVM, this states that the arguments/return values must be passed by value.

      We currently need tests for this case, and these may take a very similar form to the "spec_3_4_5" package in EJB3 Proxy Unit Tests.

      I'll set up the skeleton for the test execution, and will leave implementation of the tests themselves.

      Some instructions for Obtaining Sources / Building are:


      ...and you may ignore everything regarding "Patching AS", or running the Integration TestSuite. All that's required here is to obtain the EJB3 Project sources and run the Unit Tests from the Proxy module via Maven; no other integration affects this issue.