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    Some Issues for Community

    Andrew Rubinger Master

      I've the following issues which should be good candidates for community input, so sign up here. :)

      All deal with the EJB3 Proxy Component, located:


      Encapsulate Container infomation in TO/VO:

      The Container, in its initialization, calls upon a JNDI Registrar to "bindEjb"; this is responsible for creating all Proxy Factories, registering them with the MC abstraction, and binding appropriate Proxy entries to JNDI. Over the past couple weeks I've kept adding onto the API (JndiSessionRegistrarBase.bindEjb, all Proxy Factory and Proxy Invocation Handler Constructors) container information, and now everything's cluttered. Also making a simple change means you have to propogate that through the 3 layers involved. So this needs encapsulation into a single value object to describe the necessary info from the requesting container, and pass that around instead.

      MockServer must report startup / shutdown

      RemoteAccessTestCase starts up a MockServer in a separate process. The current mechanism used is to Thread.sleep for it to startup, and kill the Process to shut it down. Could be more elegant such that the test doesn't rely on a startup within X seconds (under load this can cause incorrect transient failures). Best approach here is probably to open some socket, implement a minimal protocol, and make hooks for "isRunning" and "shutdown" tasks. Nothing too fancy required, this is a little standalone process used in testing only.

      Create Tests for @Remote pass-by-value within local JVM

      Spec-defined, see ticket.