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    panel menu item styling - disabled and no icon

    ziqi zhang Newbie

      Hi, im sorry to ask again but my post gets no answer and after days of trying I still cannot get a satisfactory looking...

      I d like to disable a panel menu item, and remove the icon in the panel menu... in order to do this, i did the following

      .rich-pmenu-item-icon {
      display: none;

      which works if i set "disabled=false". However if I set disabled=true, the entire section of that item is shifted to the right leaving some margins on the left which seems to be a placeholder for the icon... so in order words, it seems the icon is re-applied again.

      I also tried alternatively, setting disabled=false, but changing the style of the item, the hovering effect, and selected style. But I was not able to change the selected text style from italic to normal... I tried :


      but didnt work. Also I really dont like that it is sending request everytime the menu item is clicked...

      Any suggestions please? Would be grateful if anyone can shed some light on this!