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    EJBTHREE-1401 Create Tests for @Remote pass-by-value within

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      I have started working on a testcase for EJBTHREE-1401 (Create Tests for @Remote pass-by-value within local JVM). I have a failing (simple) test case:

      The bean:

      @Remote (SimpleSLSBRemote.class)
      public class SimpleSLSBean implements SimpleSLSBRemote
       * Change the <code>value</code> property of the <code>simplePojo</code>
       * and return the changed pojo.
       * @param simplePojo
       * @return
       public SimplePojo changeAndReturn(SimplePojo simplePojo)
       if (simplePojo == null) {
       return null;
       // change the counter value in the pojo and return the pojo
       simplePojo.setValue(simplePojo.getValue() + 1);
       return simplePojo;

      The testcase:

      public class IntraJvmRemoteInvocationPassByValueTestCase
       public void testPassByValueForMethodParameters() throws Throwable
       // create slsb
       SessionContainer slsb = Utils.createSlsb(SimpleSLSBean.class);
       // bind to jndi
       Ejb3RegistrarLocator.locateRegistrar().bind(slsb.getName(), slsb);
       // get metadata
       JBossSessionBeanMetaData metadata = slsb.getMetaData();
       // Lookup the remote bean
       Context ctx = new InitialContext();
       SimpleSLSBRemote remote = (SimpleSLSBRemote) ctx.lookup(metadata.getJndiName());
       SimplePojo localSimplePojo = new SimplePojo();
       log.info("local is " + localSimplePojo);
       // set some initial value
       int value = 3;
       // call the method on the bean
       SimplePojo returnedPojo = remote.changeAndReturn(localSimplePojo);
       //Check that the returned object and the passed object are not the same
       assertFalse("The object passed to the method of the remote bean and the object returned from the bean are both the same",localSimplePojo == returnedPojo);
       // Check the value in the local object has not changed because of the change
       // to the object passed as the bean param
       assertEquals("The object passed to a method of remote bean was modified(passed by reference)",localSimplePojo.getValue(),value);

      Here's the failure:

      testPassByValueForMethodParameters(org.jboss.ejb3.test.proxy.spec_3_2_1.unit.IntraJvmRemoteInvocationPassByValueTestCase) Time elapsed: 56.875 sec <<< FAILURE!
      java.lang.AssertionError: The object passed to the method of the remote bean and the object returned from the bean are both the same

      I looked into the code to see why this was failing. Looks like the mock SessionContainer in the proxy module does not take care of marshalling/unmarshalling the parameters. The code in the actual *SessionContainer in the core module seems to be having this functionality.

      1) Should we be fixing the mock SessionContainer in the proxy?
      2) Since we are trying to test the core functionality, should we be having this testcase within the ejb3-core instead of the proxy module? This would ensure that we are testing the actual containers and not the mocked ones.
      3) Is there some way to get hold of the real containers in the proxy module testcases?