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    EJB3 / AS Integration

    Andrew Rubinger Master

      Earlier this week I started a 2-class project, EJB3 Deployers.

      The idea is to provide a home for deployers which may be shared by any assembly that uses EJB3. AS, EJB3 Embeddable, AS Embedded, EJB3 Standalone...however we can spin it.

      I'd like to continue the trend of moving EJB3 further from AS, such that AS would depend on one component only.

      So I'll introduce "org.jboss.ejb3:jboss-ejb3-as-int".

      Instead of EJB3 Core, AS will depend upon the integration project which may define things like:

      * *-jboss-beans.xml
      * Transitive dependencies for required libraries
      * AS-specific code (which should be at an absolute minimum, if at all)

      My hope is that over the next few months we're able to remove the "ejb3" module of AS entirely.