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    Tests for EJBTHREE-1549

    Andrew Rubinger Master

      Tonight I've made some commits to these tests to:

      * Fix compilation in JDK5
      * A Remove concurrency problem which lead to BrokenBarrierException
      * Add a test that Removal is not blocked by Passivation for a given Session

      So I think our test coverage is now at a point where we can say that SimpleStatefulCache is better than in previous releases.

      However, a lot bothers me will this whole setup:

      1) Poor documentation for concurrency. What objects must be guarded by what locks?
      2) StatefulBeanContext should be Thread-safe. We should be encapsulating its locking policies internally.
      3) The EJBTHREE-1549 tests are tightly bound to the implementation of SimpleStatefulCache. Instead, we should be coding the tests to an SPI (from ejb3-cache) and able to plug in whichever Cache implementations we'd like.

      Just wanted to get these observations down so we can revisit them when integrating ejb3-cache and Brian's work. I do think we have something good enough now that we can proceed w/ EJB3 Core releases again. And then we'll have Andy run his performance tests on there to reveal we squashed the "stops the world" problem during passivation.