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    University of Neuchâtel JBoss STM

    Lucas Charles Newbie

      HI there,
      My name is Lucas Charles and I am a PhD student at Neuchâtel University, Switzerland.
      We are interested in developing a new type of bean, (not necessarily J2ee conform) like the Singleton Bean which will be part of the EJB 3.1 spec, but with the usage of STMs instead of locks.

      At the moment I am considering to develop the new type of bean as a non transactional bean (i.e. equivalent to the property never or requiredNew for JBossTx).
      My question is about how to make Jboss aware of this type of bean.
      For example :
      How JBoss will load the proper container and proxies for this new Bean.

      Our goal is to provide @atomic @ read-only @write tags for the different methods of our new bean.

      Naturally as it won't be transaction aware, it won't need any form of persistence. And by the way won't be able to write anything in the database,

      Is there a documentation on how to extend jboss the way we intend to ?
      The documentation found in those folders is referring to Jboss 2.0, is it still relevant ?

      I am registered on the jboss-development mailing-list now, but I wonder if it's the right place to discuss those issues...

      I am looking forward to hearing from you soon,
      Best regards
      Lucas Charles