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    tab page style

    k dcosta Newbie


      i am using rich face components and facelets in my page.
      i have a page with a rich:tree component.
      on the click of each node, it show different tagPages.xhtml in the body part .this is done by getting the selected node from the backend and showing the corresponding page.
      And on the rich:tree reRendered attribute, i have given the id of the a4j:outputPanel, where the tabPage.xhtml is there.

      and when i run the page and click the tree node the tabPages.xhtml is coming.but the problem is that, the styles i have applied to the tab pages is not coming. when i run the pages individualy, the style is coming.

      wht is it like this????
      is it beacause i reRendered the component???

      plz help me.
      it woruld be a great hekp.

      thnkx and rgds