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    Recent EJB3 TestSuite Regressions

    Andrew Rubinger Master

      Problems today:


      I can resolve the "circulardependency" test by reverting some of the schema stuff done:

      svn merge -r 81581:81579 https://svn.jboss.org/repos/jbossas/projects/ejb3/trunk/testsuite

      I haven't committed that revert.

      The following tests fail:

      * consumer
      * dd/mdb
      * ejbthree1123
      * ejbthree939

      ...with these errors upon deployment:

      javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: ConnectionFactory not bound
      javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: XAConnectionFactory not bound

      So I'll dig a bit to find the genesis of those JCA thingies not getting bound, and see where that lands us.