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    Client Connect to INADDR_ANY is a no-no.

    Andrew Rubinger Master

      Lately we've been bugged by discrepancies between Hudson environments running the EJB Integration TestSuite.

      I found DML on #jboss this evening and asked him if a client connect to was bad (some reading I found hinted at this) and he and Jason agree "yes, don't do it".

      (09:54:26 PM) Nihility: yeah it just picks an interface
      (09:54:30 PM) Nihility: like playing slots
      (09:54:42 PM) dmlloyd: connecting to *finds* the service running on only
      (09:54:47 PM) dmlloyd: that's very weird
      (09:55:56 PM) dmlloyd: http://twistedmatrix.com/trac/ticket/1472
      (09:56:07 PM) dmlloyd: doesn't work on winders
      (09:59:40 PM) dmlloyd: the little bit I can find implies that it's not a great idea