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    EJB 3.1 Interceptor Support Library

    Marius Bogoevici Expert

      A short update on this:

      - we have a first version of the interceptor library at https://svn.jboss.org/repos/jbossas/projects/interceptors
      - as far as I can tell by now, it has all what we need for implementing JSR-299 on top of it
      - as discussed, the library supports
      - interceptor metadata storage (what interceptor classes apply to what intercepted entity - the registry is generic and supports different types of indices (EjbDescriptor, Class)
      - interceptor class parsing (given an interceptor class, what methods need to be executed per interception type, including methods inherited from superclass, properly ordered according to the spec, considering overriding and shadowing)
      - proxy instance generation - either as proxy wrapping an instance, or creating an object of the instrumented class directly (I somehow favour the latter, as invocations on 'this' will be intercepted out of the box)

      There are still tests to be implemented and javadoc to be added, but I think what we have there is is good for looking at, especially for assessing what we need to put more in there in order to have a suitable implementation of a common registry library for EJB 3.1.

      In other notes, a snapshot will follow shortly to be used as a dependency for WB.