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    EJB3 project integration in AS

    jaikiran pai Master

      Right now the AS pulls in EJB3 through the "as-int" component (which is "ejb3" component + a bit more). Now that we are going to have EJB3.1 features, we will now have an "ejb3_1" component. The "ejb3_1" component is expected to bring in all other EJB3 components (like core, proxy etc...) and EJB3.1 components (like no-interface, async etc...). Basically, it brings in EJB3.1 feature set. So here are some questions:

      1) What was our reason of having using "as-int" to bring in the EJB3 components in AS? I mean why not just use "ejb3" component in the component-matrix of AS?

      2) What distinguishes "as-int" and the "ejb3" component? I see that "as-int" right now has "ejb3" + "metrics-deployer" + "mc-int". But probably we do not require this separate component for AS integration (see #3 below)

      3) Do we really need "as-int" going forward? I mean we could use "ejb3" or "ejb3_1" in the component matrix of AS (depending on what it wants). Then any additional AS integration components(like "metrics-deployer") could probably be explicitly added in the component-matrix.