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    How to Integrate Apache and Tomcat+JBoss

    R Salcedo Newbie

      I need to integrate every those products, I only find some scattered questions and answer and references to docs I can't to open.

      I have tried to search on this web, but neither find anything. May be I didn't use the correct key words

      It's possible to find a HOW TO anywhere?

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          J. Wolfgang Kaltz Novice

          My suggestion: start by integrating Apache with Tomcat, for a simple "Hello world" servlet.
          The starting point for the Tomcat documentation is

          To give you an idea, the "integration" with Apache usually means that
          - Apache is the "main" webserver, running on port 80 (default)
          - Tomcat is also started, running on port 8080 (default)
          - Servlet applications are configured in Tomcat, for example the to say that requests blabla/* will be sent to a servlet application configured in Tomcat.
          - Tomcat automatically generates Apache directives which correspond to the mappings defined in the Tomcat configuration. These Apache directives are generated into a file (mod_jk.conf or similar name)
          - The Apache configuration file (httpd.conf) includes the Tomcat generated file. This way, all URLs to be handled by Tomcat (in the example above, blabla/*) will be received by Apache and directly forwarded to Tomcat. This is done through the Apache module mod_jk, which must be added to Apache. This Apache module is part of the Tomcat distribution.

          The on-line Tomcat documentation has the detailed steps; they vary for each version of Tomcat. Sometimes they are not 100% up-to-date, so you may have to try out a few different options.

          Once you have Apache and Tomcat integrated, you should have a good understanding of what it means to integrate Apache and JBoss-EmbeddedTomcat

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            R Salcedo Newbie

            Hello and tank you for your answer.

            In fact I have done yet the Apache & Tomcat Integration, thanks to the James Goodwill book Apache Jakarta-Tomcat that explains this topic perfectly.

            The problem is that following the same instructions with Tomcat+JBoss, I'm not be able to execute an EJB.

            Do you think there is some place that explain this topic?.

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              J. Wolfgang Kaltz Novice

              If you're using the JBoss-Tomcat bundle, then there is a section in the JBoss online book on how to integrate with Apache.

              If you're using stand-alone Tomcat, then consider Tomcat as a stand-alone Java client calling EJBs directly - such as the InterestClient in the demo. In this case, you have to add the JBoss client libraries to your Tomcat application.

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                Sergio Ogodo Newbie

                I'm looking forward to buy the documentation (PDF files online), but I'm interesting to know if it includes the detailed description of integration with Together CC ver.6.. I appreaciate quick response.

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                  Simon Newbie

                  Aleck, there's a FAQ at http://www.pubbitch.org/jboss if you're still wondering how to make this work. There's also a FAQ on how to connect Jetty and Apache together, which might be useful for later JBoss releases.

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                    Meggie tran Newbie


                    I have the same problem...I found out that u have to add a AJP13 connector to the tomcat4-services.xml and specify the same port as in the worker.properties. But by doing this, Apache will connect with Jboss first, than jboss uses Tomcat services. At least, that works...

                    But I'm still wondering if it's possible to connect from Apache to Tomcat, than Tomcat to Jboss, which I think is more logical.

                    Please, help me to understand how does it really works!