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    Restarting w/o deleting already deployed apps.

    Se Hee Newbie

      Hi. I am fairly new to Jboss and running through the process.

      I am currenting using the latest stable build (2.4.4 with Tomcat), and have one particular question regarding jboss startup and deployment.

      I have number of configuration files that can be modified throughout the application life time, and whenever I restart the jboss, all those configurations are reset as it was before. The issue is, Jboss deletes all the tmp directory where the application was first deployed even though I didn't re-deploy, but just restarted. There are tons of binary files that I also uploaded, and they all go to tmp/deploy/Default subdirectories which also gets deleted whenever I restarted.

      Is there anyway I can stop this or bypass, so it doesn't redeploy the already deployed apps?

      Thanks for your response.

      Se Hee