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    Asynchronous EJB access? EJB 2.0?

    Marc Ilgen Newbie

      I need to use an EJB with a servlet where the servlet can launch an EJB method in an asynchronous "fire and forget" manner, ie the servlet calls the EJB method and returns immediately. Later the EJB method finishes and notifies the servlet through an RMI or JMS thread set up in the servlet's init() method.
      I know that the EJB 2.0 spec has Message driven beans that allow this sort of asynchronous access. But nowhere on this JBoss website do I see where it says which version of JBoss supports which version of EJB! So, does version 2.4.x have message driven beans? If not, does it have any other form of asynchronous bean access? I know JBoss 3.0 has full EJB 2.0 support, but when will that be available as a stable release rather than just as an alpha release?

      It would be really helpful if this website had a page that listed specs for the versions of JBoss, ie which versions of the different J2EE technologies are supported by the available versions of JBoss?