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    Dylan Newbie

      Is there a difference between the PDF documentation (buyable through Flashline) and the SAMS book?
      What version of JBoss do they cover?

      The JBoss 3.0 tree is still moving and since the book is already out, I am wondering whether the book is usable/adequate for someone wanting to develop for JBoss 3.0?

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          Jeremy Newbie

          The PDF documentation covers the 2.4.x version.

          Overall the information is relevant to 3.0, but of course there are many new and changing areas that are not covered.

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            Dylan Newbie

            Does that mean that the book covers the 2.4 version as well?

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              Jaime Torres C. Newbie

              Yes, the book cover jboss-2.4.4 as the downloadable documentation does today.
              If you are deploying applications with jboss-3.0 there are some new things to deal with:
              a) jetty-4.0 is integrated, that does not mean that you can not use other servlet deployer.
              b) as jboss-3.0 is evolving the directory structure had change a bit.
              c)jetty-4.0 recomends to use only some of his jetty-3.0 options leaving to jboss-3.0 the deployment tasks.