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    Migration Guide

    L Stitz Newbie

      Hi all,

      as the migration from JBoss 2.4.x to JBoss 3.0.0 does not seem as seamless as any constantly overworked and underslept developer would wish, is there anyone already writing a migration guide for this scenario?

      If not, is there anyone PLANNING to do so? I have a fairly complex application I'd like to migrate as soon as possible to JBoss 3.0.0 for testing purposes, and considered writing a migration guide myself, but have too little internal knowledge of JBoss 3.0.0.

      I'm mainly interested in JDBC datasources and JCA connectors, but I guess there are many other worthy issues...

      Anyway, a big "Thank You!" to the developers for their efforts so far!


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          David Jencks Master

          How would you like to review my jca quick start chapter and tell me what is missing/unclear?


          david jencks

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            Greg Turner Apprentice


            I am using the Chapter.10.JCA.doc and the hsqldb-service.xml example to try and figure out how to create a cloudscape-service.xml.

            Here is my fist question. If I choose to comment out the , can I also comment out the <application-policy/> element? This is confusing for me because the doc implies that the <application-policy/> element has to be there and the example shows one commented out and one not commented out.

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              David Jencks Master

              Suppose I changed all the examples to say, instead of

              Include a login module configuration named InformixDbRealm.
              Update your login-conf.xml, here is an example for a


              Update your login-conf.xml by including a login module configuration named InformixDbRealm for this DataSource. Here is an example configuration of a ConfiguredIdentityLoginModule for this ManagedConnectionFactory.

              Can you figure out what to do now?

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                Greg Turner Apprentice

                Your suggested change clears up my confusion about the <application-policy/> element being in the login-conf.xml file, not service xml file. But the other part of my question is still open, as to the relationship, if any, between the 2 xml elements. If I comment out the , do I still need the <application-policy/> element?