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    Configuring amount/detail of logging information in JBoss3 w

    Tobias Frech Apprentice

      Q: How do I configure the level of detail I get for the logging information in the console and in the files in server/default/log ?

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          Tobias Frech Apprentice

          A: Have a look at the file server/default/conf/log4j.xml. If you look at that file please be very careful about what is commented out: <!-- this is ignored for example -->
          There are many examples included in that file, uncomment some and try them out.

          Probably you want to start to play around with adding

          to the <appender name="FILE" ...> section to limit the output to the logging file (performance issue!).

          In many cases increasing the logging details to the console might help for debugging. Change the threshold ( in <appender name="CONSOLE" ...> ) to DEBUG for example.

          The possible threshold values are:

          JBoss3 is using log4j from the Jakarta Project for logging. Please visit http://jakarta.apache.org/log4j/docs/documentation.html for more details on the configuration of log4j.