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    Big performance increase going from alpha to 3.0.0

    Matthew Palmer Newbie

      Back in March I just grabbed one of the nightly releases of JBoss 3.0.0alpha. It was working real well and everything seemed really stable as far as I could tell (at least with what I was doing). So I stuck with that for awhile. Yesterday I went ahead and got the full version of 3.0.0 to test it out. I had to tweak some of my code. Some of my xml descriptor files weren't quite right, missing the public identifier, and then just structurally wrong in spots. So I fixed that and fixed my code in a few spots. But after I test drove my application, basically a web forum very similar to this one, it started going a whole lot faster. Pages went from loading in about 5 seconds for some to about half a second. I was pretty pumped about that! I don't know if the performance boost came from updates between the final released version and that alpha version I was using or if the boost came from me fixing the EJB xml descriptor files and such. But regardless, JBoss is going a whole lot faster for me now so I'm really excited.