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    log4j and Jboss

    Gopal Patwa Newbie


      My appication uses logger subclass of category from log4j
      for logging any message and when i deployed my application i can't see my log message, i tried configuring in log4j.xml file in jboss but i saw it uses only category class. how can i set-up for with logger class for logging mesaage and my application work fine with "orion server", as know category is not going to support in future from new log4j version.

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          J. Wolfgang Kaltz Novice

          Replace the log4j.jar that comes with JBoss by the new log4j.jar from jakarta.apache.org, which has the Logger class.

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            Gopal Patwa Newbie

            Thanks for your reply i have replaced log4j.jar (218kb) from jboss from our log4j.jar (219kb) which comes from Apache log4j.

            I have given my example how we have done in our
            application to log messages.

            package com.bbc.baladie.web.action.login;

            import org.apache.log4j.Logger;

            public final class LoginAction extends ActionBase {

            * Logger object for logging messages
            private static final Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(LoginAction.class);

            // don't see this log messge

            // this method called from some other class
            public void XYZ() {

            // don't see this log messge
            logger.debug("XYZ: Executing...");


            Jboss log4j XML file

            <appender-ref ref="CONSOLE" />

            when i put logger tag in config file i get this message so i have changed to category tag but either
            way i don't see my log message

            16:34:48,195 INFO [Log4jService] Starting
            16:34:48,205 INFO [AbstractDeploymentScanner$ScannerThread] Running
            16:34:48,215 INFO [Log4jService$URLWatchTimerTask] Configuring from URL: resource:log4j.xml
            log4j:ERROR Parsing error on line 153 and column -1
            log4j:ERROR Element "logger" does not allow "priority" here.
            16:34:49,507 INFO [Log4jService] Started

            let me know if i need to make some changes


            Our Application log4j properties file

            # Properties for configuring Log4j
            # $Id: log4j.properties,v 1.2 2002/06/03 20:28:40 hsaul Exp $

            log4j.rootLogger=DEBUG, baladie

            # Print the date in ISO 8601 format
            log4j.appender.baladie.layout.ConversionPattern=%d [%t] %-5p %c - %m%n

            # Print only messages of level WARN or above in the package com.foo.

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              J. Wolfgang Kaltz Novice

              I'm using JBoss 2.4.x, so there may be a difference with JBoss 3.0.
              In my case, I don't have a log4j.xml, I just have the log4j.properties
              On server startup, I get this message
              2002-07-17 17:40:35,626 [root] Started Log4jService, config=file:/opt/JBoss-2.4.4/conf/se/log4j.properties

              and everything works fine.

              In any case, in your example the log4j.xml looks redundant with the log4j.properties - I'm not sure what the log4j.xml is for, but I would assume that you either write a log4j.xml or a log4j.properties, but not both.

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                Gopal Patwa Newbie

                I have used only one log4j file, when i deploy on oc4j i used log4j properties file which works fine b'cos it does not used any log4j internally like jboss, and when i deploy to jboss 3.0 it read log4j.xml file from it's conf directory.