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    JBOSS J2EE Certification

    John Vrab Newbie

      Is JBOSS J2EE certified?

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          Steve Holmes Newbie

          No, becoming J2EE certified costs alot of money and resources and that would mean that Jboss would cost money. But apparently Sun has recently agreed to do certification testing on certain open source projects at no cost in the future (probably not for at least a year or so). I don't know if they will do it for JBoss. Anyone else heard more about this?

          However, Jboss is J2EE compliant and may be the closest standards based J2EE server on the market.

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            John Vrab Newbie

            Thanks for the clarification. I figured JBOSS was the most compliant server on the market, esp. given the JMX direction taken. I was just concerned with some comments Scott McNealy made in an interview back in May about open source J2EE servers. Thanks once again for the reply.