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    Why use Tomcat with JBoss?

    Marvin Slayton Newbie


      "kjell" wrote:
      Is there any suitable tools for automatic generating testclients to check our application on jboss 3.0?

      Kjell Åge

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          Tobias Frech Apprentice

          A: Please read the "General Questions" section of the FAQ page: http://www.jboss.org/faq.jsp

          JBoss 3 comes integrated with Jetty by default.
          There is a JBoss/Tomcat bundle available from jboss.org.
          In this bundle Tomcat replaces Jetty because some people are used to Tomcat.

          Jetty/Tomcat takes care of the JSP/Servlet part of J2EE, JBoss handles the EJB stuff.

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            kenn herman Newbie

            I was unable to find this on the FAQ page, are you sure that you have looked at the most recent static FAQ page? I am wondering this same thing.

            I am currently trying to port a .WAR away from a proprietary system (it calls on libraries out side the .WAR). It will simply be a Servlet/JSP/Bean environment. Is JBoss overkill? Is there an speed/scalability adavantage of JBoss or Jetty or Tomcat?


            kenn herman

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              Tobias Frech Apprentice

              AFAIK for JSP+Servlet either Jetty or Tomcat are enough.

              So you don't need JBoss now. But if you ever need one of the following it will be easily available if you used JBoss right from the start:
              - EJBs
              - CMP2
              - Clustering (even for JSP/Servlet)
              - WebServices

              Some consider Jetty to be faster than Tomcat.