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    Automatic cluster node detection fails between Linux and Win

    Tobias Frech Apprentice

      (uromahn contributed:)

      Q: Why doesn't automatic node detection (for clustering) not work between Linux and Windows nodes (JBoss 3.0.0) ?

      A: There is a confirmed bug in the currently used Javagroups-20.jar which prevents automatic node detection between server instances running on Linux-Linux and on Linux-Windows. Although multicast IP has been enabled and is working, the two instances simply won't see each other.

      I don't know the details about this bug, but I do know how to fix it:

      1. Get the latest final version (source) of Javagroups 2.0.1 from sourceforge.net

      2. Compile it with the same version of JDK with which JBoss was compiled, e.g. JDK1.4 (IMPORTANT!!!)

      3. Delete the javagroups-20.jar from the JBOSS_HOME/server/all/lib directory
      (Note: use the "all" subdir if you are using the "all" config !)

      4. Copy the javagroups-core.jar from the JG_HOME/dist directory

      5. Rename it to javagroups-20.jar

      6. Add the following lines into the cluster-service.xml file:


      Please note, the new version of Javagroups does not work properly with the default properties compiled into the JBoss clustering source!

      That should do the trick - in my case JBoss clusters on any platform with JBoss on any other platform!