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    Configuration for JBoss on Win98

    david2 Newbie

      I have downloaded JBoss. But when I run run.bat, I got the message "Out of Environment space". What should I do? What is the general procedure for configuring the setup of JBoss on Win98?

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          Claudio Gualberto Newbie

          You must allocate more space to your environment variables. Right click on your JBOSS short-cut ( or your prompt short-cut from where you start your JBoss) , and in the "Memory" tab,
          combo "Starting environment" ( or something like this ) and select 4096. This will fix the out of memory problem.
          You must declare the minimal variables for the runtime environment, they are :
          JAVA_HOME -> must point to your JDK installation directory.
          JBOSS_HOME -> must point to your JBoss installation directory.
          PATH -> must point to %JAVA_HOME%\BIN directory and either to %JBOSS_HOME%\BIN directory.
          With this settings it will work fine. ( at least here it does )
          Have fun !

          Claudio Gualberto.