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    Getting started (proposed solution to a very visible need)

    alpine Newbie

      Disclaimer to the mods: I have read the rules pertaining to posting in the FAQ. I noticed that we are supposed to reference other threads if they pertain to what we are asking about, but I saw so many that I stopped as it must be general knowledge. If this message belongs in a better forum please move it.

      My original question was "Where can I download a detailed example of how to use ejbs,servlets, and jsps in the latest release of Jboss/Tomcat?" After searching all over the web and these forums for hours I came up empty. It appears that many, many other Jboss loyalists came up empty too.

      First off, I don't knock Jboss's server at all. Far from it. In fact, I think that the value obtained from Jboss for the price paid is somewhere up around infinity. However, the doc/example issue is hurting many developers who want to help themselves and Jboss succeed. This is what I propose and will volunteer to do:

      I want to create a working example of the following that will work on the latest cut of Jboss combined with Tomcat. This would include the sample code, deployment descriptors, and documentation for the following:

      1) BMP EJB
      2) CMP EJB
      3) Session EJB
      4) JSP
      5) Servlet

      The tutorial would assume knowledge of ejbs,servlets,and jsps but deal specifically in getting those technologies to work in JBoss/Tomcat.

      Call it a quick start guide or whatever name suits it, but this example should be available to whomever downloads Jboss. I have not found anything close to a simple and fast example that just deals with those technologies (Jboss and Tomcat alone). I have found some others, but they either have the wrong files referenced, or use an old and out of date version of either of those two, or use 4 other disparate technologies in the course of their example, etc. JBoss absolutely needs something that is a "building block style" basic tutorial on how to get ejbs, servlets, and jsps working. All the advanced features of Jboss are great but if you can't get a helloworld ejb working because the docs talk about a nonexistent url or deploying on 3.0 when you are working with 3.2 it really doesn't matter to the developer.

      So, unfortunately I like many others in the forum are stuck on how to try and accomplish this goal. If one of the Jboss experts who has the knowledge to do the knowledge transfer to me I will:

      -build the example
      -document it (and most importantly doc it in easy to understand language)
      -maintain it (as in keep the document and example up to date)

      for the Jboss community to use. Please reply to the post and we can get started on this straight away.

      If we do this we can eliminate countless hours of frustration that so many of the people have in this forum and hopefully help Jboss extend its reach.