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    why servlet don't work in JBoss 3.2.0 HOWTO

    Ove Nordstrom Newbie

      Thanks to jonlee!
      He have help me understand this /Ove

      If you try the tutorial at:
      http://www.roseindia.net/jboss/buildingwebapplicationwithant.htm , you find the servlet not working, the tutorial is old and expects behaviour from the early Tomcat releases with servicing of anonymous servlets (unmapped servlets).

      This functionality was removed because it represented a security hole. If you
      check the JBoss FAQs in the forums, under the JBoss 3.2.0 changes FAQ - http://www.jboss.org/modules/bb/index.html?module=bb&op=viewtopic&t= - you will find an
      entry on unmapped servlets, it links to an explanation of what the old behaviour was and how to restore it, if you really want to re-implement the security hole.

      HOWTO restore it (not so good but the servlet work)
      I find a solution: uncomment the invoker part
      in /usr/local/jboss/server/default/deploy/jbossweb-tomcat41.sarjbossweb-tomcat.sar/web.xml file.

      It look like this:

      Should be like this:


      I'm now able to run JSP & servlets with JBoss.

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