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      "juha@jboss.org" wrote:

      This forum is moderated. It is for FAQs (frequently asked questions) only.

      It is a good idea to search this forum first for every question you might have concerning JBoss. But DO NOT post your questions here unless you are sure there are at least two other persons that are asking the same question in other JBoss forums. Perhaps the forums "Beginners Corner" or "Installation & Configuration" are a better place to ask you first questions. Thanks for your cooperation.

      How does this forum work then ?

      If you notice that a question is asked again and again (frequently :) ) in other forums then copy and paste this question in a "new topic"/thread into this forum. Please also include possible good answers to the question.
      Here is an example of the format you should use:

      Q (by Tobias): How does it work ?
      A (by Marc): Use Qs and As to mark the question and the answer part.


      If you found two other people asking the same question please include the links to their questions at the end of your post. We need these links to verify that the question is indeed asked frequently.
      If you do not provide these links your question will be most likely rejected by the moderators.