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    Address already in use errors on Windows

    meckhert Newbie

      I was receiving the "Address is already in use error on Windows when I first started using JBoss. The first error I was getting was on port 8080 and the second was on port 1098.

      I figured out the solution to both after some detective work and thought I would post here to save someone else some time. I am very new to JBoss and J2EE, so my plan was to install JBoss on my desktop machine in order to learn how to use it.

      The port 8080 culprit turned out to be my TiVo server application which is part of the Home Media Option. Once I closed this program the port 8080 error went away.

      Once I solved the port 8080 error I started receiving a port 1098 address is already in use error. I tracked this one down as well and it turned out to be Yahoo Instant Messenger. Once I logged out, everything loaded perfectly.

      I hope this helps if you are receiving these errors.