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    Applying styles for the Richfaces components

    E Aish Novice


      Can you please help/guide me with the following:

      I have implemented rich:dataTable and rich:scrollabledataTable in my new web application. The header font styles, colors, etc are different for both these tags. I would like to have them the same styles so that it gives a consistent look and feel to the users.

      I looked at the styles and script samples on the exadel demo. I notice that that the style should be defined in a file say:- "styles.xcss" and loaded at the tag of the program. I looked at the SKIN file where the background color, etc are defined.

      I could not find where the default richfaces defined styleclasses are defined for these <rich:dataTable> and <rich:scrollabledataTable> are defined. I could not understand the flow of how to make the customized stylessheets work.

      can you please guide me to implement the customized stylesheet? Please let me know if you need additional information to help me with this