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    JBoss Profiler 2 Results



      i've setup JBoss Profiler 2 on JBOss 5.0.0.GA and have it working fine.
      I can see all the log files etc...

      I need to profile an application and am having a little trouble interpreting the results in the log files. Is there any good articles on JBoss Profiler 2?

      For example, in the threads folder each thread has a break-down of mthods called. These are seperated into 'Frames'. What are the frames?

      thanks in advance for any advice

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          Documentation is very limited at the moment - there is only a basic README.txt file.

          It is on the TODO for the project, but needs involvement from the community to get done -- hint; feel free to submit documentation through JIRA.

          As to 'Frames' - a frame is the invocation hierarchy from the top-level method call until this method returns.


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            I´ve been using the Jboss Profiler 2, trying to find memory leaks, but I´m having some problems to interpreter the results. Even the "diff" command in the client shows little useful information about the snapshots, specially about memory management.

            There is any other tool to help an user to accomplish these tasks?


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              hi adilsonoc,

              I'm still trying to figure out this profiler too. I primarily used it to gather data on Calling Context Tree's and method execution times within an application so i can them create JMT models of the application.
              To find memory leaks/heap usage data i used Netbeans profiler or JConsole which shows nice graphical representations of heap usage. if you heavn't used Netbeans Profiler it has a wizard for connecting to JBoss.

              If interested, then the following links are useful...


              I also use JMeter to simulate requests.

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                JBoss Profiler 2 doesn't provide a memory leak view, as it is based on 100% on Java - and we would require a native back-end for that. We have a JIRA for it though.

                But JBoss Profiler 1 will provide you with a memory leak report, so you can you this version :)


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                  I want to get Memory and heap information. I am using java 1.6  and Jboss 5. Is Jboss Profiler 1 compatible with java 1.6?