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    JBoss Profiler snapshot doesn't work

    Gaurav Bansal Newbie

      I have tried using jboss-profiler-2.0.Beta2 and jboss-profiler-2.0.Beta3.SP1 on my machine having jdk 1.6.0_07 installed.

      I am attempting to profile an ear application deployed on JBoss v4.2.3.ga.

      Now when I try to take snapshot using the command java -jar jboss-profiler-client.jar snapshot, the command prompt never returns.

      I have all the steps mentioned in readme available with the distribution. In run.conf, I have specified JAVA_OPTS="-javaagent:jboss-profiler.jar -Djboss-profiler.properties=jboss-profiler.properties $JAVA_OPTS"

      I can view the jboss-profiler mbean using jmx-console.

      Can anyone suggest, why am I not able to take snapshots using JBoss profiler.