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    Simple (hopefully) new user questions.

    Michael Toler Newbie

      First, I've read through the documentation and *think* I have everything setup correctly.

      Since I don't see any threads here about this issue, I'm pretty sure it has something to do with how I've configured it or it's just a concept error on my part.

      What I've done:
      1. copied the files to their correct locations and updated the jboss-profiler.conf file.
      2. updated my run.conf file with the jboss-profiler tags.
      3. restarted jboss
      4. called the command line client with "startProfiler"
      (4.1 I also called the command line client with "enable" here during one of my tests).
      5. run my web services calls to JBoss.
      7. Here I have tried both:
      stopProfiler, getSnapShot
      and just

      My problem. All the time values for all of the objects/methods are 0.00 ms. I see no threads, no "Most Time" values, no hot spots nothing.

      Am I just missing something simple? Do I HAVE to instrument the code somehow? am I not turning something on correctly? It seems like the profiler is working, but I get no data.


      ---------- Example of output ----------------

      From 10 December 2009 20:42:47:489
      To 10 December 2009 20:57:59:967
      Total 912478.00 ms
      Name Time
      Most time
      Count Ms Avg % Method
      Count Ms Avg % Method
      Name Type Time
      com.prodeasystems.rsc.am.app.AMApplicationManager JMX_MBEAN 0.00 ms
      com.prodeasystems.rsc.am.business.ActivationResponse POJO 0.00 ms
      com.prodeasystems.rsc.am.business.KeyResponse POJO 0.00 ms
      com.prodeasystems.rsc.am.business.RhcKeyResponse POJO 0.00 ms