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    Net Boot

    Jim Hazen Expert

      Is netboot still a supported project? I was looking for some demos, and stumbled across something that would be a great help in deploying my JBoss based application on several remote servers.


      Unfortunately, all the links to the demos and the module itself break. :(


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          jbossy Newbie

          It was working several months ago and it worked great. Can any JBoss gurus please comment on this? This feature was one of the main things that I was looking forward to in a future deployment when JB4 goes production.


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            jbossy Newbie

            Ok, I found it in some older 3.2.1 electronic documentation but I didnt find much in my 3.2 book. I still dont know why the net boot server is down but Im going to see if I can try my hand at my own server but with the newer versions, hopefully it still works. I found in the the 3.2.1 pdf in Chapter 1.