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    Running JBoss in process

    mmorton Newbie

      Rather than launching JBoss from the command line, I'm interested in calling Main.boot() from an already launched Java process. Could someone point me to any documentation about this?


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          mmorton Newbie

          I've made some headway on this, but am still running into some problems. I've been basing my approach from the run.bat file and JBoss starts up but can't find certain config files.

          Can anyone make sense of the following message:

          org.jboss.security.auth.login.ParseException: Encountered "<?xml" at line 1, column 1.

          Was expecting one of:


          <IDENTIFIER> ...

          My hunch is that I'm not properly setting a system variable or a VM option.

          Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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            mmorton Newbie

            Ok, I got this running. The primary issue was ClassLoader collisions. Classes in the classpath of the app collided with those that JBoss was attempting to load at runtime.

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              Tuan Truong Newbie


              I am running into the same problem - got the same exception you got. Please give me instructions on how to resolve it.

              FYI - if I started my config using the command "run.bat -c ", everything startup OK. But when I run my config as a Window service, I got the exception.

              Thanks in advance.