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    Creating an enterprise service bus?

    Bradley Falk Newbie

      Waddling through the discussion forums, I haven't seen any talk on creating a nice unifying package. With the emergence of the enterprise service bus (ESB) as a useful tool for integration, and with the spectrum of offerings from jboss, such a product could be assembled.

      Yeah, the pieces exist and it could be argued that "Why not just use the existing components and assemble it your self". Well, thatÂ’s just it. The time to properly modify the components to be distributable and light weight would be challenging (interesting & exciting really).

      The Jini solution to the ESB is fascinating, but not widely adopted. Since an ESB should be built using standard components or just using standards, Jini loses ground, but it uses some fascinating concepts that can should be implemented as an ESB. Sonic has a nice ESB implementation, but it seems like a great product to be implemented by the open source community.