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    JBoss Advanced Training and the certification Exam

    Ravi S Newbie

      Dear All,

      I don't know if this is the right place to post this,but i couldn't find any other relevant forum..so i am going to ask anyway..

      I plan on attending the JBoss Advanced training in a few weeks time.After the training finishes we are supposed to take an exam(75 questions-90% should be correct for certification!!)..

      Since my company is paying for the training and exam i would like to take this opportunity and do my best..Can anybody share their experiences on this?has anybody taken the exams?can i get some sample questions?how difficult is it?

      I have 3 yrs on JAVA and around 1.5 on EJB and J2EE..i've been using jboss for a year now for development.i think i satisfy the requirements for the training

      Is the exam very difficult to pass for say an above average programmer?is the exam so earth-shatteringly difficult that only single digit percentage of people pass?please help me with this-whoever has taken the exam...