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    JBoss Architect Council, meeting notes, November 4, 2004

    Ivelin Ivanov Expert

      Nukes 2.0 in progress: SSO, Clustering, Hiberntate integr.
      commit to cvs this week (Nov 5)
      cont. w/ clustering
      Tom Heute helping

      new jdbc cache loader -> jbcache 1.2
      move locking to lock interceptor
      cache loading is an interceptor
      todo: jmx in 1.2 => release in mid Dec

      waiting on jb as 4.0.1 release to release next ejb3
      scott: 4.0.1rc is out today (nov 4)
      aop for jmx instrumentation
      dep on h3: bulk upd/del (optional for q4), sub-select(optional for q4), ejbql syntax (ejb3 must for q4, ejb 2.1 syntax optional)
      goal is to have feature complete ejb3 impl in respect of the latest ejb3 spec draft by end of 04
      scott: we should make ejb3 completion priority. We should add more resources if needed. Alex might be able to help. Let's talk to him offline.
      jbcache dep for clustering. ejb3 sfsb will be done by Kabir by the end of q4. ejb 2.1 not a priority.
      Kabir will implement EJB3 interceptors

      Joshua is done w/ qry parser
      Steve is finishing the qry parser by tomorrow
      Gavin will be testing next week and start on new (ejb3) features after that
      issues w/ jboss cache in hibernate. to be addressed by BenW.
      H3 beta coming out next
      Aim for Jan release of H3 final
      Emanuel is working on ejb3 annotations
      next ejb3 spec drop will have interceptors, sql qrs.
      Max has the H console working as Eclipse plugin

      jboss cache jdbc loader done. some bug fixing remains
      jbossxb roadmap set. Accomodates JBossWS dependencies.
      specj and intel. no jb4 benchmark yet. setting it up in the qa lab.
      how does ejb3 impact jbossxb? Offline w/ Scott, Bill and Gavin.

      tc 5.5.4 is probably production release
      tc 5.5 will be back-ported to jbas 4.0.2, but not jbas 3.2

      4.0.1 is due in 2 weeks, 4.0.2 targeted for jan
      3.2 is now legacy.

      Tom B
      jbpm 2.0 launched
      jbpm 3.0 dev under way. alpha due in q4.
      bpel is on the roadmap
      Koen is buildin designer. Alpha due in q4
      long term dep. on Jboss WS. jb4 probably has what's needed.