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    JBossDirectory: JNDI Based Ldap Server

    Anil Saldanha Master

      JBossDirectory: Jndi Based Ldap Server
      For a month or so, this thought has been lingering in my mind-to build a simple jndi based Ldap Server on top of JBossCache( TreeCache).

      I agree that it is not as simple as that, to provide ldap based services, but what I am looking at it is a ldap server which can provide jndi based functionality at first. I should be able to store/retrieve, search, delete etc using JNDI ldap API.

      Dec.27 was a holiday for me - I whipped up a simple prototype which provides Jndi based ldap store/retrieve an object. In the background, I just store it in a treecache.

      This is interesting to me because I can reap all the features JBossCache provides - cacheloader to persistence, replication, lazy loading etc.

      As long as the map between Jndi and JBossCache can be taken care of plus a mechanism to map ldap namespace strings like 'uid=xxx,ou=people,o=jboss" to TreeCache '/jboss/people/uid', there may be some potential.

      Things to consider later:
      a) Export/Import via LDIF.
      b) DSML.
      c) Support Ldap DIT.
      d) Ldap Synchronization.
      e) Ldap Replication. (JGroups will be helpful).

      Why is JBossDirectory important?
      * Will provide a good testing engine for ldap related needs. Eg: JBossSX.
      * Will be useful for the JBoss Identity Management project and its needs like SSO, federated identity, liberty alliance etc.