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    dom4j or jaxp ?

    Tom Baeyens Master

      in JBoss jBPM we want to use xml dom trees and xpath expression handling.

      j2se 1.4 includes jaxp 1.1 (no xpath expression handling)
      j2ee 1.4 includes jaxp 1.2
      j2se 1.5 includes jaxp 1.3 (includes xpath expressions)

      my initial idea is to use jaxp domtrees and jaxen for the xpath expressions. this requires 200KB of libs (jaxen) and runs on java 1.4. if we would drop support for 1.4 in the future, we could change the xpath usage to jaxp, removing even the dependency on jaxen.

      or does anyone see reason for still using dom4j ?
      other opinions ?

      regards, tom.