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    It doesn't work....

    Luke Taylor Novice

      <useless rant>

      But I haven't attempted work out why....

      I haven't searched Google for the error messages I've seen (or if I have, I won't bother to tell you what I found because it's more fun for you to guess).

      I don't think I'll bother to describe my problem because it should be easier for you to mind-meld with my brain across the aether and work out the details that way. Either that or we can play 20 questions until you establish what I was doing at the time. You have nothing better to do, of course??

      Versions - JDK, JBoss ..... Nah! Who needs 'em. Take a random stab in the dark. Stacktrace??? What would you want that for?

      I can't run Java - what am I doing wrong?

      I'm using a version of JBoss that's older than the minimum you recommend (but I won't tell you that either) - why doesn't it work?

      Perhaps I'll add a few sarastic complaints along the lines of "Why don't you explain clearly which jars should be on my classpath!!!??" just to confirm that I'm completely clueless.... that will be an excellent substitute for a level-headed description of my problem and should really motivate you to help me!!

      I'm like the ancient Greeks - everything has to come to me through the power of reason alone; an empirical approach is beneath me so I can't try tinkering with my code to gain some insight into the problem. (And if I have I won't tell you what I did or what happened).

      Or perhaps I don't actually have any problems, but I'm a "cup half-empty" sort of person so I'll just complain anyway, no matter what you do.... And I won't tell you why :-).

      </useless rant>