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    Jboss is worst server.

    chaman kumar Newbie

      Jboss team member,
      I feel this sever is worst software for application.
      Beacuse this server have a lot of problems for development. I started my real application with jboss-4.0.0 but today I think, skip this server and adopt another server for development. Problems whom I face :-

      a) Insufficent documentation.

      b) forums members doesn't take proper response.

      c) forum member say I am bored with problem.

      After facing these problems I feel this software is worst & further expense time means corrupt our carrer.

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          Sidney Zurch Novice

          Sorry you feel that way, and you're entitled to your opinion, but your comments lead me to question how much J2EE experience you have.

          Actually, JBoss is an excellent product that we, along with thousands of other organizations, have used successfully for years. The available documentation is more than adequate, and the support available on the forums is among the best you will find anywhere.

          J2EE is a complex environment and in order to take advantage of it you must be willing to make the committment to scale a relatively steep initial learning curve, and then commit to keeping abreast of constantly changing J2EE standards and JBoss implementations.

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            bandini Newbie

            I feel the same as zurchman..also the forum has been extremely helpful and the guys at jboss had helped me a lot through this forum...

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              ilango gurusamy Novice

              JBoss is certainly an excellent product and is maturing as we speak. I feel it is fast resilient and has features which other servers do not have. As zurchman pointed out, J2EE is a complex environment and such frustration might be evident in other servers too.

              I am rooting for JBoss though, because it is starting out as an underdog.

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                me ddf Newbie

                one of the bakwas server and worst forums

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                  Vishal Sharma Expert

                  I must say that if you say that JBoss is not good then i'm sure you have not played with other app servers yet, presuambly because this is free and u are learing J2EE on this or experimenting with this.
                  I'm afraid to say that JBoss is one of the best J2EE app servers available in the market.
                  And yes if you havent tried open source solutions before then i can see that u might be coming from a different mind frame which normaly people with windows background find themselves in.

                  I have been playing with JBoss for last 3 years and convinced our customers to use it.
                  So please refrain from abusing on forums and use it more constructively.


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                    Darran Lofthouse Master


                    I am sorry that you are having a bad experience at using the JBoss application server. Unfortunately there are interpretation problems here and your problems are not being described in a way that is easy enough for someone to understand and provide you with a solution.

                    Yes I did say to you that I am bored of your questions as you kept posting exactly the same question in different forums at different times, I subscribe to the mailing list of the forums so each time you post the same question it arrives in my inbox as an e-mail and I read the same question again and again.

                    The simplest way to see why someones archive will not deploy is to see the deployable archive and work out why it will not deploy, unfortunately the forums do not allow attachments so I sent you the following e-mail: -

                    It looks like we are not having much luck at getting to the base of the problem in the forums.

                    Can you please e-mail me the archive you are trying to deploy and I will have a closer look to see what the problem is.


                    If you e-mail me the archive that is failing I can have a close look and I guarantee that I can tell you the problem within a few minutes of reading the e-mail. You have just e-mailed me similar information to the forum posts so I am not further in providing you an answer to your problems.

                    My offer still stands, if you want an answer to your problem e-mail me your archive.

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                      Darran Lofthouse Master


                      As I have already said to you your questions are not making sense.

                      Unfortunately if your questions are not understandable then people are not going to be able to give you an answer to your problem. Asking the same question again and again does not make it easier to understand.

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                        me ddf Newbie

                        if we install myeclipse plugin with jboss then directory structure like web inf meta inf is automatically created whether it is automatically created with jbosside or not.
                        thanxs in advance
                        and dont mind my words.the truth is like this that jboss may be one of good server but support is really not up to the mark

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                          me ddf Newbie

                          Hi my question is very simple whether while creating new j2ee project,whether web inf directory is generated automatically or not as it happens using myeclipse.
                          second thing i stand by my word that jboss may be good server but support is really not upto the mark.so many views and not a 2 reply also .in some cases its zero only even though after 456 views.and theses topics are not my posts.thses are the genral cases where views have crossed hundreds and reply not even 2 that too irrevlant replies and for the other threads are also same thing then i can say that either no one able to put questions in clear manner or support is not upto the mark.this is truth and it can not be hide by mere words that we could not get what u r saying

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                            Tao Xie Newbie

                            Even though I think Jboss is a good java app server, I do feel many questions in forum are not asked. weblogic newsgroups seem get more attentions from bea developers.

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                              Adrian Brock Master

                              Moved to useless rants.

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                                Adrian Brock Master

                                The reason why you don't get your question answered is because it has asked
                                many times before. Often with an entry in the FAQ (that you cannot be bothered reading).

                                If I had my way, there would be a redundant post forum where we could move
                                all these duplicate questions, leaving only the original *answered* question in place.

                                That way, people who can find the search function wouldn't have to wade through
                                100 copies of the same question with 98 of them unanswered.