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    Richfaces 3.1.2 GA on Oracle OC4J 10.1.2: Components not ren

    Dude Duderoony Newbie


      I'm currently involved in a project that has started setting up a proof of concept with Spring, Spring webflow, JSF, facelets and Richfaces. Initially the aim was to start development on an Oracle 10.1.3 environment, which suits Richfaces just fine.

      Due to various reasons, the decision has come in that Oracle AS 10.1.3 is no longer the application server of choice to develop towards - instead we have to develop towards an older version, 10.1.2.

      We have tackled several problems on the road to getting all technology to work on Oracle AS 10.1.2, and have run into a problem concerning Richfaces. As far as we can determine, the components are not being rendered. The HTML that's being output by the server contains the original <rich:...> tags and seems to ignore anything specific to Richfaces.

      Has anyone here been able to get Richfaces working on Oracle AS/OC4J 10.1.2? Any hints as to what the problems might be and how to fix them is very welcome. The filter mapping for the ajax4jsf filter also cannot be configured in the way the documentation states it should be configured:


      These properties are not recognised in a version 2.3 webapp... How can we configure the web.xml to do exactly what needs to be done? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks,