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    Problem in starting Jboss as windows service

    Shashidhar Mishra Newbie

      Its the first time I am posting any question in this forum.
      I am trying to install jboss as a service on windows.For that I am using Java service wrapper.
      My problem is that I am able to install jboss as a service using InstallJboss-NT.bat but when I am trying to start the Jboss using the command net start jbossI am getting following errors

      A system error has occurred.

      System error 1067 has occurred.

      The process terminated unexpectedly.
      I am not able to comprehend the problem,Please somebody help me out

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          Kris Dover Newbie

          I know this reply is very late, but for anyone who followed this problem here from google, my solution involved making sure the JAVA_HOME and JBOSS_HOME environmental variables were set globally and not just for the current user.

          I normally set my environment variables under System Properties (Dialog) > Advanced (Tab) > Environment Variables (Button) > User Variables for {username}

          However those settings are only per user, so they would only work when running batch files, but the java service wrapper services use the Local System Account by default and will only be able to see environment variables set under "System variables", i.e. the listing below "User Variables for ..." in the dialog pointed to above.

          Set your variables there and everything should work fine!


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            roshan cheereth Newbie

            kadover.. that fixed the problem for me! Thanks!